Best Self Storage Units in Hoboken, NJ

Choose the best self storage unit for you in Hoboken, NJ!

At Storage Blue, we’re committed to providing custumers with the best self storage solution at a great price in Hoboken, NJ. Each dedicated StorageBlue storage facility offers self storage units that are safe, secure, and clean. By choosing StorageBlue, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands. Check out our reviews to see why our customers consider StorageBlue as the best self storage facility!

We have more than 100 self storage units in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 sq. ft to 200 sq. feet, all of our units are clean, well lit and lockable. You won’t have to deal with strange smells or dingy spaces when you stash your stuff with StorageBlue. We can offer you the best prices and peace of mind that whatever you’re storing is safe and sound in our high-quality self storage units.

Additionally, StorageBlue makes storage easy by providing affordable units a quick uber ride away from Hoboken, Jersey City and Lower Manhattan.

Visit Our Affordable Storage Facility near Hoboken

These storage units are located near the Cast Iron Lofts and near the “Welcome to Hoboken” bridge. Temporary parking is available onsite for storage facility customers.

Self Storage Units for Rent in Various Sizes

StorageBlue offers self storage units ranging from 16 sq feet to 200 sq feet in size. All storage units are heated and well lit so that you and your stored items can stay organized and comfortable while visiting the storage facility.

What You Can Keep in Your Storage Unit

From vehicles to office supplies, StorageBlue has the ability to allow easy access and storage for your items that no longer suite your current living situation. Many customers store additional furniture, office supplies, out of season clothes, motorcycles and much more!

To receive help in deciding on what size storage unit you need to house your items, please call our storage facility at 201-266-3734. If you are already sure of the size unit you need, please call us below.

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